Meet the Monster Moo Family

The Monster Moo Family

Six friendly monsters inspired by those I Love.

Running a business around my family is an amazing opportunity and I am one lucky lady. I wouldn’t be were I was today without the fantastic support of family and friends.

Therefore, it is no surprise that close family members are the inspiration behind my little ‘Monster Moo Family’.


Find out more below.

DoodlesName: Doodles

Creative, helpful and organised. Loves all things creative, reading and spending time with family.

Inspired by: Me


Monster Moo

Name: Monster Moo

Cheeky, slightly accident prone and funny. Loves drawing, reading and climbing.

Inspired by: My eldest


SnugglesName: Snuggles

Kind, happy and determined. Loves sleeping, bubbles and trains.

Inspired by: My youngest



Name: Bean

Honest, hard working and great with numbers. Loves DIY, bikes and being outside.

Inspired by: The other half



Name: Thistle

Kind, honest and friendly. Loves spending time with family, reading and puzzles.

Inspired by: The ‘Monsters’ Granny



Name: Bee

Friendly, helpful and determined. Loves Cooking, crafts and reading.

Inspired by: The ‘Monsters’ Auntie



Obviously, this list is not exhaustive and there are countless other family members and friends who have contributed invaluable advice and support during my Monster Moo Journey.

Thank you all!

The Monster Moo Family are now appearing in a growing range of nursery prints, which are now available to buy in my shop here.