Links I’ve Loved June

links I love June

This month it’s been all about webdesign with three new clients signed up and conversations with two others underway. So, this months links I love is a great opportunity to share some of the website I find invaluable during the web design process. I hope you all find something useful. Please do pass on and share […]

What’s on my easel June 2017

School animal illustrations

It’s been a while since I’ve done a what’s on my easel. I’m just not sure where the months are disappearing to. Digital Easel What I’m creating digitally for clients or Monster Moo Studios. Work this month has largely been digital or online as I’m now working on four websites. I’m still working on the new […]

Links I’ve loved April

Links I love April

A round-up of links and things I’ve loved this month. It’s been a busy month or two here at Monster Moo Studios with lots of networking and planning being done. April in particular saw me really focus on marketing and the changes I need in order to really build awareness of Monster Moo Studios and the […]

What’s on my easel – 31.03.17


It’s been a hectic few weeks here at Monster Moo Studios as I deal with a sickness bug hitting the house. However, work’s continued on finalising The Adventures of Jem and Tess and various new clients. Physical Easel What I’m actually illustrating and sketching whether that’s with pencil, pen or paint. Work on Jem and […]

Questions to ask your designer

on phone crop

Choosing the right designer to help create your marketing and product artwork is extremely important. In this blog post I go through some important questions to ask when hiring a graphic designer and of course give you my answer to each of them. 1. Can you tell me more about yourself and your company? I’m Lynne […]