Hi, I’m Lynne and a children’s illustrator and owner of Monster Moo Studios. Welcome to my website where you can find out about my illustration services, shop for artwork and download a few freebies.

Hopefully the FAQs below will help you understand what I do and why I set up Monster Moo Studios. If not, I’d love to hear from you so feel free to Email me or get in touch using the form on the Contact me page.

My Website

  • Where can I purchase your artwork? Check out my shop.
  • Where can I find out more about you? Visit the About Me page.
  • Who hosts and designed your website? My website is currently hosted my TSOHost. I have designed my website myself using the WordPress theme Adorn, from Restored316.com
  • Are your freebies really free? Yes, the freebies on the Freebies page are completely free. Feel free to download as often as you’d like, pass on to friends or use as gifts. All I ask is that you accredit me as the source and do not pass off the work as your own. For access to further freebies sign up to my newsletter here.


Monster Moo Studios

  • How did you come up with the name Monster Moo Studios? Monster Moo is the name my husband gave to our two sons when they were babies and seemed the obvious choice when I came to name the business.
  • What do you do? I offer a I wide range of artist services from bespoke artwork, mural design and business branding. For more information have a read of my services page.
  • Why did you set up business? I set up Monster Moo Studios during July 2013.
  • Where are you? I’m based in Surrey.




Rainbow rose mural

“Thank you so much, it looks so lovely … its perfect Thank you :).”

Sian Sizny

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Little ol’ Me

  • Where can I find out more? Check out the About Me page.
  • Why do you blog? Setting up Monster Moo Studios has been a real roller coaster and while I’ve learnt a lot and had great fun, I’ve also made quite a few mistakes along the way. My blog outlines my Monster Moo Journey and is full of resources and advice I’ve found useful along the way. I really hope you enjoy reading all about it and find the information useful for your own journey.
  • What training have you had? I am a completely self taught artist and illustrator.
  • What do you love? I love my family, all things creative, long hot baths, wine and chocolate.
  • I’m thinking of setting up on my own do you have any tips of advice for me? Yes – Check out my blog, which I will be filling with useful resources and advice. Alternative send me a question. .
  • When not working what are you doing? When not working I’m spending time with family and friends, attempting to do my own personal artwork or chilling out with a good book.



  • How can I keep up to date with what’s happening at Monster Moo Studios? Keep up to date on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest
  • Do you have a newsletter? Yes I try (family life permitting) to send out a monthly newsletter, which is full of Monster Moo news,  freebies and discounts.

The future

  • Where next for Monster Moo Studios? Hopefully more of the same. Recent projects have provided incredibly variety and have all been great fun. If anyone had said last year I would be where I am now, doing the wide variety of artwork I am, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. So I look  forward to seeing what other opportunities come my way and aim to make the most of everyone.

If you still have any questions get in touch , I’d love to hear from you.