What’s on my easel this week – 06.01.17

What's on my easel Jan 6th 2017

So we’ve made it to the end of the first working week, the ‘Monsters’ went back to school on Tuesday and barring the odd temper tantrum from Snuggles it’s all gone very well. It’s certainly been good to get back to work and I thought I’d re-instate my ‘What’s on my Easel’ blog post series.

Physical Easel

What I’m actually illustrating and sketching whether that’s with pencil, pen or paint.

This week I’ve been working on two very different projects.

1. Musical Monster for a local DJ company – Magnet Entertainment. They contacted me at the end of last year to design them a mascot and I’ve been putting the final touches to the design and creating a colouring sheet for them to use in party bags.

Musical Monster mascotMusical monster colouring sheet

2. Illustrations for a second book being written by a previous client.

During 2016 I created 10 illustrations for a lady (Fabienne),writing a book about her life and her out of body experience. At the end of 2016 she contacted me again asking me to do a further 10 illustrations for her second book. These projects are completely different from previous commissions and the final illustrations are under wraps until the books are published.

This week I started to sketch out the first of the illustrations for the second book.

Outine drawing of heart




What I’m creating digitally for clients or Monster Moo Studios.

I started my week taking a look back on 2016 and created a little video outlining my year. Thanks to everyone who was part of making 2016 so fantastic!


This week I’ve also been putting a few final touches to the logo designed for Jenny over at Mini Melton in December.

Mini Melton Final Design


Next week I need to  complete the website I’m designing for Kate at Imagineville, carry on with the illustrations for Fabienne and take a another look at updating my own website.

Until next time


Next WOME – 20.01.17

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