What’s on my easel this week – 20.01.17

200117There was no What’s on my Easel last week as I was busy doing the dreaded tax return. I really must do it earlier next year! So read on to find out what’s been on my easel this week.

Physical Easel

What I’m actually illustrating and sketching whether that’s with pencil, pen or paint.

This week it’s been back to the Adventures of Jem and Tess with a few illustrations for the next stories in the series.

My other Illustration project this week required me to step out of my comfort zone a bit and explore other ways of creating images. Not sure it’s  process I really enjoyed, but it’s good to explore something new and see where the process takes you.





What I’m creating digitally for clients or Monster Moo Studios.

Just before Christmas the website I designed for Imagineville went live. This week I’ve been making a few minor changes to the layout and adding new content. If you haven’t taken a look around the site then head on over now.

laptop mockup final


Next month I’ll be returning to the website design for Jo at Configure Accounting, but this week she got in touch to ask me to make a few changes to her logo and business card. Here’s the final design. I love the addition of orange.



Next Week I’ll be continuing with the Jem and Tess stories and I really need to take a look at my own website and undertake a few updates and sort out my on line portfolio. Hopefully, a couple of other new projects in the pipeline will progress and I’ll be able to share details in a few weeks time.

Until next time




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