Links I’ve Loved February 2017

A round-up of illustrators, links, etc I’ve loved this month.

This year is speeding by and February has been incredibly busy. I’ve given my networking efforts in the local area a real boost and that combined with research for my own website refresh as led me to some really great finds around the Internet. Here’s a few of the links I’ve loved in February.

I hope you all find something useful and please do pass on and share with anyone else you think may enjoy the links below.

Illustrators and Artists

Time Lapse Painting – UNILAD

I just find this time lapse painting memorising. The dedication required to create it over the 2.5 years is breathtaking. How he paints with two brushes and the atmosphere he creates is amazing.

10 Great Illustration Portfolios

10 illustrators



As I’m updating my own website at the moment to reflect the full range of services I offer and my current portfolio of work, I’ve been researching other artists and designers portfolios and found a great round up over on



Business Cafe

Just over a year ago I was lucky enough to get a FREE place on a Social Media Training course being organised by Penny Power. Penny is an amazing lady OBE and she is passionate about helping businesses and individuals to have digital skills so they can connect and create a profile that they feel in control of and adds value to their whole life. Her new exciting project is The Business Cafe. “The Business Cafe is is a high street coffee shop for business owners. Enjoy business social in a high-quality environment offering great coffee and the company of your local business owner peers.” Find out more and join me as a member on their website or Facebook page.


I was introducing to Boffix by Jo Basting at Configure Accounting when discussing icon design for her website. The concept is fantastic as Boffix will “offer everything you need to get your new business set up quickly, including ongoing virtual office support services – all in one place. (their) experienced team can help with call handling, e-mail, Microsoft Office applications, virtual assistants, accounts, bookkeeping, VAT, marketing, IT and HR support. All this, hassle-free, at a fraction of the price you would pay by individually purchasing all the different elements.”

If you’re looking for office or admin support to help your business grow,check out their website.

Busy Life Planners

life planner

Last month I shared the 100 Day Goal challenge with you all, a great support group and challenge for ensuring you work on meeting your goals everyday. One of my fellow 100 day goalers has set up a fantastic business – Busy Life Planners – selling bespoke planners. At the moment I use a day to day diary for staying organised, but I’m always on the look out for a replacement which will keep me a bit more organised. I love the flexibility of these printable planners and will definitely have to give it a go. Hurry on over as Fiona is currently running a March Sale, or just download one of her freebies.


I first came across Typeform when I was first investigating using Pinterest for the business as it was used by Pinright for their contact form. The contact form really stood out and was really intuitive and user friendly. So it’s been on my to do list to instigate them further an possible update my own contact form. However, it’s been one of those things that just kept slipping further and further down the to do list.typeform- lead generation

Then while, investigating great about page layouts for my own website refresh, I came across them again and of course now is a perfect time for me to look into adding a Typeform form to my new site.

I’m particularly interested in how I could use their lead generation elements.


The best of the rest

Pop-up Bouquet

With Mother’s Day just around the corner this Pop-up bouquet card looks like a great art activity to carry out with ‘The Monsters’


At a local networking event I met Martina who runs where she creates and styles unique and personal wedding and events decorations.

I love the design of her website and it goes to show that you don’t need to use WordPress to create an amazing site However, while Martina also loves the look she’s created on her site, she’s having major problems with Wix’s reliability and customer support.

So we’ll be chatting further about how she could possible keep the design of her site, but move it over to wordpress and a more customer focused host.



So, there you go –  a round up of a few of the links I’ve loved in February. I hope you enjoy browsing the links above and I would love to hear your thoughts on them all. Do you have any favourites you’d like to share? Who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future blog.

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