Links I’ve loved January 2017

A round-up of illustrators, links, etc I’ve loved this month.

This week I re-launched my newsletter which along with an update on Monster Moo news and a little gift for readers, also included a few of the links from around the World Wide Web that I’ve loved in January. As there is so much wonderful advice and inspirational art out there it was quite difficult narrowing it all down to just five links for the newsletter, so I thought I’d share a few more with you all.

I hope you all find something useful and please do pass on and share with anyone else you think may enjoy the links below.


Steven Brown



My sister introduced me to Steven Brown’s work when she purchased one of his canvas’ for her living room. It’s amazing – a real statement piece. Not only is Steven a great artist, he’s also a great business man. He’s sells his artwork on everything from wall canvas’ to kitchen aprons to phone cases.

I could certainly learn a lot from him and I’ll definitely be watching his progress to see what he does next.

Check out his work on his website, which currently has up to 50% off selected artwork at the moment.



The importance of standing by your company values – Denyse Whillier

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it – This lady is amazing! If you’re in business and haven’t done so already then sign up for her newsletter. It’s full of amazing advice and guest blog posts from real experts in their field. This week’s newsletter from Denyse was all about company values, something I’m passionate about and in today’s volatile business climate will become increasingly important. Check out her blog post now and I’d love to hear your  thoughts. What are you company or family values and how do you ensure you follow them?

Lifelong learning – Skillshare

skillshareI love learning and strongly believe you are never to old to start something new, explore a new passion or improve your skills in a particular area. So even though I shared this link in my nesletter last week I love it so much I’m sharing again here today. I love the mission statement and their commitment to helping creatives share their knowledge and help each other improve.

So head on over today and get your creative juices flowing.


The best of the rest

Colour Trends – Creative Market

I’ve shared a few links from creative market recently as they are an amazing source for design content and their weekly freebies are fantastic. On top of that they have a great design blog for advice and current trends. As they point out “Colour is vital to design. Without it, design becomes drab and disappointing. Colour spices up design and gives it life, personality, and character.”

So it’s no surprise that being a successful designer depends on your ability to understand colour pairings, what colours complement each other…and also what colours are going to be hot in 2017.”greenery

So head on over and check out Creative Market’s thoughts on the must know colour trends for 2017. What do you think of Pantone Color of Year for 2017 -  Greenery? Do you have a favourite? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

16 Printable to organise your life – Spaceships and Laser beams



One of my big aims this year is to get more organised. Life is getting quite hectic and like many of you I’m juggling various roles at home and in the business as well as various charity roles and recently became a school governor.

So these free printable from Spaceship and Laser beams look great. Check them out and see if they can help you stay organised too. If you have any organisation tips then I’d love to her them. Leave me a comment below.



Phase of the moon observation printable


Finally, for something completely different a phases of the moon observation sheet. Monster Moo is learning all about space at the moment and loving it. I’ve had to do some serious revision as I’ve forgotten most of what I was taught about the moon and space at school.

These phases of the moon bookmarks and observation sheet look a great learning aid and I can’t wait to print off and have a go.





So, there you go –  a round up of a few of the links I’ve loved in January. I hope you enjoy browsing the links above and I would love to hear your thoughts on them all. Do you have any favourites you’d like to share? Who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future blog.

If you missed the other links shared in the newsletter they were:

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