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Choosing the right designer to help create your marketing and product artwork is extremely important. In this blog post I go through some important questions to ask when hiring a graphic designer and of course give you my answer to each of them.

1. Can you tell me more about yourself and your company?

Designer in SurreyI’m Lynne mum of two fantastic boys, wife, graphic designer and illustrator in Surrey. I have always loved art and anything creative, but after completing a degree in Audio Visual Media Studies, somehow fell into an accountancy career. After ten years as an accountant and the birth of my two sons I finally decided the time was right to quit the rat race and get back to a more creative lifestyle. One that would allow me to spend more time with my ‘Monsters’ while they were growing up.

This led to the creation of Monster Moo Studios, where I’m passionate about helping busy business owners bring their brand alive.

Whether you’re looking for a stand alone logo design package, complete brand identity development or any additional services, you can be assured of an efficient, responsive and tailored interpretation of your curly heart

2. How big is your business and who will I be working with?

Monster Moo Studios is a small independent design agency. All design work will be carried out by myself and you can be sure of a completely personalised and responsive service. Over the last three years as I have built up Monster Moo Studios I have come in touch with a wide range of other business women who I link up with to provide additional service you may need to compliment the design work we are working on, for example photographers, social media and marketing experts.

3. What are your specialities and areas of expertise?

The majority of my clients tend to be other Mums and Business women setting up small to medium sized business based around their individual passions. As a busy business women myself I know they have various roles they need to cover. I also know the creative process can be time consuming and can get messy. When time and money is tight you don’t have time for messy. Through a wide range of graphic design services I create solutions which work for your business, bring in clients who love what you do and help you develop a strong and effective brand identity.

Services include but not limited to:

Kaptured by Kate stationaryLogo DesignTracey Totsey
Business Card Design
Leaflets and Posters
Website and Social Media Graphics
Corporate Identity and Business Stationary

4. What are your payment terms?

For small projects under £100 I require payment in full upfront. Larger projects will have payments staged at key milestones, with final payment due before the transfer of final files.

5. What are your turnaround times?

This really is the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. It depends largely on the project and the complexity of your requirements. I am incredibly flexible with my working hours and do not work the traditional 9-5, which enable me to do everything within my power to meet any deadlines you have.

6. What do you need from me?sheep

Once you have got in touch to discuss a possible design project the first step will be for us to either meet up in person or chat on the phone to discuss you and your business. During the conversation we will start to complete a design brief which will give me the key requirements for the project. The more information you can supply on the background of the business, your design likes and dislikes, the easier the brief will be to formulate and complete.

During the project it will be essential we can communicate frequently to review design drafts and any tweaks needed to the brief. Then once we’re done and the design has been signed off it would be incredibly useful if you could supply a brief testimonial I can add to my website and social media.

7. How do you work?

I am passionate about the fact that you need to be 100% satisfied with any artwork we produce together and realise you may have an idea inside your head of what you want, but it can often be difficult to put that idea into words.

As an illustrator and designer I offer a wide range of graphic design services in Surrey, which can be completely tailored to your needs. I’m committed to helping your company stand out from the crowd with unique and bespoke designs.

8light and heart. What if I’m not happy?

Art setObviously, I would hope that we would be communicating throughout the design process and any concerns you had could be raised at an early enough stage for us to find a solution, adapt and move forward.

However, there are always the odd instances where a project just doesn’t seem to be working and in that instance it may be agreed that we should just terminate the project and go our separate ways. If this happens a discussion will have to take place to identify what elements of the project had been completed and agree any amounts due for payment or refund.

9. Who owns the design

Innocent logoUnder UK Copyright law “when you ask or commission another person or organisation to create a copyright work for you, the first legal owner of copyright is the person or organisation that created the work and not you the commissioner, unless you otherwise agree it in writing.” I am more than happy to transfer copyright ownership of designs we create together for agreed usage to you.  If you ever use another designer PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you ask this question otherwise you could find yourself in the position of Innocent and not actually own your own logo.

10. Do you have any references and testimonials?

I can supply you with a number of clients who would be happy to chat with you about their experience of working with me. Alterantively, here’s a few of my recent testimonials.

jo bastingConfigure logo refresh – “A change in my business name prompted me to want refresh of my business logo and business cards. Lynne was very quick to respond with suggestions and options to me. Really pleased with the end result, its look fab, thank you ! I look forward to working with you on my website design.” Jo BastingSmiley Calendar poster

Smiley Calendar – “Lynne has … recently designed additional banners for my website, illustrated a book cover for a book proposal and created a calendar for my clients and new online kids coaching programme. I’m delighted with all of them and am looking forward to working with Lynne again.” Lisa Parkes

Mini Melton bagMini Melton Logo – “Lynne recently worked with me to design my company logo. I was very happy with the whole design process and found Lynne a pleasure to work with. From the outset Lynne was very patient and spent a lot of time liaising with me to modify the design. I am thrilled with the outcome and thoroughly recommend her services.” Jenny Heather Butterfield



11. Why should I hire you?

 I offer a friendly and efficient service which is completely tailored to your business and brief. My wide range of services can ensure you have everything you need to go out and make a real difference.

I hope you’ve found these questions to ask your designer and my answers to them useful. I’d lve to hear your thoughts so why not leave me a comment letting me know what you think and if there are any questions you think I’ve missed anything

Let me take care of all your design worries, so you can concentrate on what you’re passionate about!

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Graphic Design Case Study – Mini Melton

Mini Melton Final Design

Illustration Case Study – Magnet Entertainment

Musical Monster mascot

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