What’s on my easel – 03.03.17

Wow February has just disappeared and I don’t think I did a single what’s on my easel that month. A large part of it was spent working on new sections for my own website, but I’ve still been busy with a few other projects.

Physical Easel

What I’m actually illustrating and sketching whether that’s with pencil, pen or paint.

Work on Jem and Tess is progressing and I’ve not only got one more story to illustrate.
rescue badger


February of course saw us celebrating Valentine’s day where ‘Owl you need is love!’
owl you need is love




What I’m creating digitally for clients or Monster Moo Studios.

Last week I bumped into Jenny Heather Butterfield from Mini Melton Designs at a networking event in Bright. At the end of 2016 I designed her new logo and I’d noticed she was having trouble getting her Facebook header updated to reflect the new look. So this week I’ve created a new cover image for her.

Facebook cover-rgb-01

MMS Business Card


My main digital project this month though has been getting read for my new commitment to networking. So I’ve redesign my business cards and am completely overhauling my website.lovely words screen printLine


I’m currently working a couple of exciting projects. One of which is something completely out of my comfort zone so watch this space for more information. Next month will see the end of Jem and Tess and the re-start of Configure’s Accounting’s website.

On top of that I hope to launch the new look website and of course keep on networking.

Until next time





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