What’s on my easel – 31.03.17

It’s been a hectic few weeks here at Monster Moo Studios as I deal with a sickness bug hitting the house. However, work’s continued on finalising The Adventures of Jem and Tess and various new clients.

Physical Easel

What I’m actually illustrating and sketching whether that’s with pencil, pen or paint.

Work on Jem and Tess is now complete and I’ve been busy collating all the illustrations with the stories to create the final print file.
Jem and Tess collation





What I’m creating digitally for clients or Monster Moo Studios.

Over the last week or two I’ve been working on a new logo for Blue Bricks Construction Consultancy Ltd. This has been a real departure from my normal client work and has been great fun to work for a new industry. here’s a few of the logo options the client received to choose from.

Blue Bricks Options

On top of this I’ve been busy researching and doing the back ground work for two new web design clients.


Over the next few weeks it’ll all be about web design as continue working on the webiste for Configure Accounting and get started on the two new web design projects I’ve been researching for this month.

On top of that I hope to launch the new look website and of course keep on networking.

Until next time





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